About me

Nice to meet you!


I'm Trevor, the founder, and CEO of eCommerce Paradise. I teach high-ticket drop shipping, Shopify, eCommerce, and lifestyle entrepreneurship. I teach through my masterclass, podcast, blog, channel, and group.


My very first experience selling online was back around 2004/2005 in my high school photography class. My teacher had us sell his old photography equipment on eBay.


I wrote my first product title. I wrote my first product description and sales copy. I did market research to find a price that I could charge that was competitive but was still high.


He taught us how to take great product photos using digital SLR cameras, lights, and light boxes.


It was an experience that changed my life forever.


The moment when the item I listed sold, I had an epiphany. If he could sell products on eBay, so could I.


I did garage sale flipping over the next 5 years until I met a business partner who introduced me to the concept of ecommerce using suppliers for fulfillment, aka “drop shipping.”


The first product we had success with was a high ticket product. We averaged $30-$500 profit per sale.


I spent the next 3 years hustling my ass off every day and night to figure out all the different aspects of an online business to make this one successful. We did $50,000 in sales the first year, $75,000 the next, $100,000 in 2013, and that’s when I decided to quit my job and pursue this full time.


In 2014, we achieved $500,000 in sales and then sold our business for $50,000.


We took a year off, traveled a lot, then got back down to business and built another high ticket drop shipping store in another niche.


I was messing around with other business models and not taking anything seriously so I decided to throw everything else away and focus on this specific model that we had success with before.


This new one was immediately successful. We did a similar sales amount in 2016 and 2017, then sold that store for $60,000 in early 2018. During late 2017 we started a new store along with a clone of that store that was just one category, and ended up doing a similar amount of sales in 2018 and sold the two stores together for $100,000.


In 2018, I started the eCommerce Paradise high ticket drop shipping masterclass and started offering coaching and services to entrepreneurs. In our first year, we did over $100,000 in digital product and service sales.


Today, we are growing. Updating our masterclass and processes. Building stores for clients.  Creating content for our audience. RE-launching with better funnels. Always improving.


All the while I’m traveling and living in Southeast Asia on tourist visas.


It’s a crazy lifestyle. I feel like I’m living the life of a rockstar. Something I only ever fantasized about as a teen.


It’s real but it didn’t come fast or easy. The first few years of sacrifice and commitment and unwavering persistence were key to my success. Without those formative years, I wouldn’t have made it to where I am now.


In those years I consumed every book, podcast, and courses I could. I networked as much as possible. I tried so many different business models. I did anything and everything I could to make sure I would gain a wide breadth of skills necessary to be a successful entrepreneur business owner CEO.


Often times people underestimate the amount of work and learning it takes to become a successful entrepreneur. They also underestimate how many failures it will take to create something that is successful.


Success = high quality product + unique marketing and promotions + market fit + sales + customer service and communication.


If you have what it takes to become successful then you can do it. It comes from within. No matter what happens outside of you, you will learn from it and grow from it. Never give up.


Just do the work, learn, network, and wake up everyday excited to fail! Because you only find success through failure.


Want to learn my ways? Get started with my free high-ticket drop shipping niches list and market research guide.